Executive Infusion

Executive Infusion Services is an independent, home infusion pharmacy to have achieved ACHC. The standards for ACHC accreditation promote quality services

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Special Packaging

We also provide different packaging systems based on the preference of the facility as well as med sheets that feature the newest technology.We work closely with the homes ..…

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Clinical Support

Family Pharmacy LTC offers support distributive and clinical pharmacy services provided by staff pharmacists, clinical pharmacy specialists and pharmacy.Family Pharmacy LTC is a “Total solutions pharmacy”. We utilize a clinical staff of pharmacists, to teach, educate and create better healthcare outcomes.


We are a specialty pharmacy that provides long term care to Assisted Living Facilities, Day programs, specialty centers, nursing homes, and Adult Foster Care homes. We provide a variety of services ranging from Prescription Medication, OTCs, Diabetic Supplies, Sterile and Non-sterile Compounds, Specialty, TPN, and IV Infusion.

Family Pharmacy LTC (3P) Model

Family Pharmacy LTC will partner with healthcare professionals and health plans to manage the most costly disease states and improve outcomes resulting in reduced healthcare cost. Our model is:

  • Proactive
  • Predictive
  • Preventive

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Home Delivery

Family Pharmacy LTC does daily and monthly deliveries free of charge. Our turnaround time for a delivery is 1-3 hours.

Special Packaging

We provide different packaging systems based on the preference of the facility as well as med sheets that feature the newest technology. The med sheets are color coated:

Blue(maintenance meds)

Red (prn meds)

Green (SMO meds)

Above each medication we also provide both the use of the drug along with common side effects. The actual image of the drug is on the med sheets eliminating medical errors.
We work closely with the homes to customize the med sheets with special instructions.

Family Pharmacy LTC (3P) Model


We increase compliance and adherence by educating and engaging patients to help them better understand their disease and activate self-participation and ownership.


Through our clinical integration model and our understanding of the disease states we monitor the patient’s medical conditions and predict the necessary needed next steps to keep them compliant and healthy based on relevant real time visibility and data sharing between all stakeholders.


Being proactive and predictive our model will halt the progression of the disease state and reduce the possibilities of further complications such as the introduction of additional disease states.